Why You Should Start Using the YBell App Today

Posted by Aaron Laurence on Sep 28th 2020

Workout with the YBell App on your phone.

Why You Should Start Using the YBell App Today

Making the commitment to start a training routine isn't the hardest part of your fitness journey. Yes, it certainly is a crucial part. But it’s just the beginning of a series of decisions that will have a huge impact on your road to becoming fitter and healthier.

Aside from deciding what to eat, when to eat, how much to eat, and committing to not eating certain foods, there is also the very important factor of exercising. What type of exercise? How often should you do it? Where should you do it? What type of equipment should you use? The list goes on and on…

The key to achieving your fitness goals is...


Especially when it comes to your training. When you start with any new exercise routine you need to be realistic and understand that your body is going to take some time to get used to the new demand you are putting on it.

As you’re starting out, you’ll be working on conditioning your body to work out. People often want to see “immediate results” like fat burn and weight loss. Your results will be different — you’ll gain stamina and muscle growth, which will lead to maintaining higher intensity workouts.

Your plan of action as you start out should be to focus on regular workouts at an intensity that suits your current fitness level, as opposed to fewer workouts at a higher intensity than you may be ready for. This should enable you to stick to the program you’ve chosen and see it through to the end.

There are many ways to establish consistency. Some choose to join a gym or build out a home gym, some find a workout partner, and others look to fitness tools like wearables and apps. These are all great options, but the best way to tie it all together is through creating a training routine.

Enter the YBell Fitness App

That’s where the YBell Fitness App comes in. The app offers three subscription-based training programs that can help you to establish a consistent workout routine. The programs are:

  1. A 4-week beginners program
  2. A 5-week intermediate program and
  3. A 6-week advanced program

These three programs have been designed to take you on a journey of transformation, both mentally and physically. They’re designed to help you ease into a workout routine that’ll prepare you for consistent, challenging workouts, regardless of your training background. Our goal is for them to help you move better and feel better!

Introduction Programming and Free Workouts

For those just getting started working out with YBells, we’ll start you off with a 4-minute Grip Explainer video. This will show you how to hold your YBells for various exercises. It’ll also explain how to utilize the shift in weight distribution depending on how you are holding the YBells.

Here’s a sneak peak for that video:

Learn how a grip change is an equipment change with YBells.

Then there are the three free introductory workouts that’ll help give you an idea of what level you might want to start your subscription programming on — beginner, intermediate or advanced. Each of the three intro workouts is structured as basic 9-round sessions that incorporate exercises from the correlating subscription programs. So the free beginner intro workout is made up of exercises you’d find in the 4-week beginner program. The same goes for the intermediate and advanced intro workouts.

We’ve also included two additional free workouts available on the app: a 9-round fire fighting circuit and a workout that’s specific to your abs and core.

Subscription Workouts: The 4-Week Beginner Program

Starting from the beginner program, using only a single YBell, you’ll be introduced to basic movement patterns and foundational exercises like squats, lunges, push-ups, and swings.

To get your body used to these exercises — and start to perfect them — you’ll also be introduced to repetition. The best way to get good at something is to do it over and over until you master it. And the great thing about doing that in this program is that you’ll also be improving your strength and conditioning at the same time.

As your stability and control improve throughout the exercises in the beginner program, your strength and fitness levels will start to increase to a point where you’re feeling more comfortable during your workouts.

You could easily go through the beginner program more than once until you felt like you were ready to move on to the 5-week intermediate program. Once you do, you’ll encounter some progressions in the exercises and also some changes in the workout structures that will challenge you even further.

Subscription Workouts: The 5-Week Intermediate Program

In the intermediate program, you’ll still only be working with a single YBell, and most likely the same YBell size you used in the beginner program. The mental toughness you’ll have started to build, along with the muscle endurance and cardio fitness, should see you really starting to work up a sweat in some of the workouts. And with that harder work comes better results!

You’ll also be introduced to more bodyweight and animal-type movements that will help to increase your mobility, coordination, and core strength. Days 2 and 5 are where you will find a lot of this. The intensity might not be as high as days 1 and 4, but that movement and mobility focus is a crucial part of the program. They’re designed to get you through and on to the advanced workouts.

The session structure also goes back to what was mentioned at the beginning of this article: training consistently, at an appropriate intensity. This is preferred over only doing killer sessions every time, which might see you training less often because of soreness, injury, or straight out fear of the hard workout ahead.

With the 5-week intermediate program, workout Day 1 could be that session you fear, but know that it's doable. Day 2 is more about getting the body moving and mobilized, even though you may be feeling a bit sore and stiff from Day 1. You’ll want to rest on Day 3, or go do some enjoyable physical activity of your choice. Day 4 is another hard session, followed by Day 5 which is more about getting the body moving after the hard session. Although Day 5 does focus a bit more on agility, so it will be challenging, but not a killer.

And much like the beginner program, you may find yourself wanting to do the intermediate program a few times before you move on to the 6-week advanced program.

Subscription Workouts: The 6-Week Advanced Program

You’ll pretty much have the same structure in the 6-week advanced program, but again you will see a progression in exercises and intensity. For starters, you’ll start to use two YBells for all of the dumbbell and kettlebell work, as well as some of the ground work.

If you’ve spent enough time on the beginner and the Intermediate programs, you’ll be ready for the step up and should start to really notice how far you’ve come in your fitness journey. The advanced program will have workouts based on mobility, conditioning, and agility, while also focusing on those animal and bodyweight movements and your abs and core.

Saturday and Sunday are not set up as training days in the subscription programs, but they can be if you missed any of the Day 1, 2, 4, or 5 sessions and want to make them up on the weekend. Or, if you’re feeling great and want to add in a workout, you could go through any of the programs on the app or jump back to the free workout section and select a workout to suit.

While it’s great to be consistent about your workout days, don’t forget that it’s still important to let your body rest.

Additional Features of the YBell App

As you’re going through the subscription programs, if you find specific workouts that you’ve particularly enjoyed or exercises that focus on muscle groups you want to target, go ahead and add those to your favorites so you can easily come back to them again and again. It’s as simple as tapping the star in the upper right-hand corner of the video.

The app also offers a Community forum. You can interact with other YBell users or ask questions about the workouts or your YBells.

As with any fitness journey, you’ll want to find the right mix of tools to help you accomplish your health goals. If you haven’t checked it out yet, sign up for the YBell Fitness App today. I hope you’ll find it as another great fitness tool in your journey.

Aaron "Az" Laurence, Co-Founder, YBell Fitness

As a certified personal trainer and the inventor of the YBell, Aaron "Az" Laurence loves motivating people to become better versions of themselves. He enjoys designing challenging workouts for himself that he can use with his clients.
Az developed the YBell to replace the multiple pieces of equipment he was using in his group training sessions. He enjoys seeing his clients' reactions when they realize they only have to change grips on their YBells to change equipment. And he loves being able to dial up the intensity of their workouts with just one training tool.
Seeing clients progress both physically and mentally as a result of training fuels his passion for the fitness industry.