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The Strength Kit is designed for avid exercisers who want to add more weight to their workouts where the primary focus is gaining strength and increasing power.

With the full Pro Series at your disposal, you’ll have YBells that range from 31 lb / 14 kg up to 44 lb / 20 kg.

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  • Strength Training

  • HIIT

  • Functional Training

  • Description -+

    • Contains 2 of each size Pro Series (31 lb / 14 kg through 44 lb / 20 kg) (8 YBells total)
    • Same 4-in-1 functionality
    • Commercial grade powder coated surface
    • Premier finishing for optimal gripping
    • Comfortable, compact, and easy to use
    • Ideal solution for heavy weight-oriented users and training styles
    • YBell-specific exercises and workout routines

How to Use For a 4-in-1 Workout

For gym or home use, our creative exercises and workouts can be accessed via the YBell Fitness app offering free exercises and over 16 weeks of customized workouts; our YouTube channel (@ybellfitness) offering structured workouts; and our Instagram (@ybellfitness) offering great user generated exercises.

The Most Versatile Weight

A grip change is an equipment change

Kettlebell — Outer Grip

Grabbing the YBell by the outer grip allows it to emulate a kettlebell. Perform swings, rack presses and squats, snatches, and other various kettlebell exercises.

Dumbbell — Center Grip

When grabbing the YBell by the Center Grip, the weight is evenly distributed allowing it to serve as a dumbbell. Perform standard dumbbell exercises such as bicep curls, overhead presses, and more.

Double Grip Medicine Ball — Under Grip & Double Grip

Utilize the multiple handles of the YBell to perform double grip med ball exercises such as goblet squats, lunge and twists, or woodchops.

Push-Up Stand — Top Grip

The YBell’s design provides for a much wider base leading to more stability when performing any ground work and allows for a greater range of motion.

Award-Winning Design

Women's Health Magazine — Most Versatile Free Weight

"I was blown away at how functional these weights were, thanks to the unique shape and ergonomic design." - Jacqueline Andriakos (Health & Fitness Director - Women's Health Magazine)

Men's Health Magazine — Most Versatile Dumbbell

“When is a dumbbell not a dumbbell? When it has four different gripping points that allow you to swing it like a kettlebell, grasp it with two hands like a med ball, stabilize your body on it like a pushup stand, and, oh, do dumbbell exercises, too."

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