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 Complement your multi award-winning YBells with these must have workout accessories designed for any home gym, studio or club.

These popular home fitness accessories include our space-saving Vertical Rack, the all-in-one FITBENCH YBell and our Exercise Mats that integrate with YBell Pod Programming.

YBell Vertical Rack

The YBell Vertical Rack is a must have workout accessory for any home gym, studio or club. It's unique, space-saving design can hold up to 10 neoprene covered YBells or any size. According to countless home and commercial customers, it is one of the best training accessories you can have.


The 4-in-1 YBell meets the all-in-one space-saving fitness solution in this collaboration with FITBENCH. The FITBENCH YBell stores the entire YBell Neo Series (10 - 27 lb) and is equipped with several different home gym accessories that can also be used in the commercial space.

These must have workout accessories include 3 separate sets of FITBANDS, an 8-position incline bench, hard top durable enough for step-ups or box jumps and 2 sets of locking wheels for easy transport.

Exercise Mats

The YBell Exercise Mat differs from your traditional home fitness accessories and yoga mats as it is slightly shorter in length and wider. This is because this mat was designed to be among the best training accessories specifically for HIIT or HIRT style workouts. The modified size does not get caught up in your feet during any transitional type movements or exercises and the Instructional Indicators integrate directly with our YBell Pod Programming.

The Compact Mat is the same material and has the same Instructional Indicators as the Exercise Mat, it is just much more compact in size. The Compact Mat is one of the best training accessories for your outdoor workouts as you simply roll it up and throw it in your gym bag. It takes up no space at all.

Buy the Best Fitness Accessories at YBell Fitness!

If you're looking for the best training accessories for your home gym, studio or club, then we have you covered. From storage solutions, to benches to exercise mats, the YBell integrates with a variety of different must have workout accessories.

The YBell Vertical Rack is an award-winning storage solution that maximizes storage while minimizing space in your facility. According to our customers, it is seen as one of the must have workout accessories for your home gym, studio or club. It stores up to 10 neoprene covered YBells of any size, contains chrome plated arms for simple removal and replacement of your YBells and it is very easy to assemble.

The FITBENCH YBell is utilized by countless studios as it allows for the ultimate exercise diversity without taking up much space. Enjoy the full YBell Neo range, 3 different sets of FITBANDS, 8-position incline bench, durable surface for box jumps and step ups and move around as you see fit with it's locking modular wheels.

Our Exercise Mat integrates directly with our YBell Pod Programming and is one of your must have workout accessories for any YBell workout.


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