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Intro Workshop

YBell Intro Workshop

This 2-hour online workshop is a compelling introduction of YBell and the basic essentials for safely using the product.

Key Outcomes:

  • Introduction to YBells
  • The Importance of Grips
  • YBell Intro Exercises
  • Intro to Pod Training
  • Price:
  • $99.99
  • Length:
  • 2-hours
  • CEC’s:
  • NASM 0.4, Fitness Australia 2.0
Coaching Course

YBell Coaching Course

This live, in-person training course focuses on training-the-trainers, and applies to coaches and other professionals. It provides simple, safe, and effective techniques that can enhance your training experience.

Understanding how to hold and move with the YBell means you can create exciting, fast-paced and highly variable workouts and goal-based programs that keep people engaged in their exercise sessions.

Key Outcomes:

  • Understand how different grips relate to traditional fitness tools
  • Learn how to create and coach, purposeful exercises with dynamic movements using the YBell
  • Master the variations of the YBell to increase your training vocabulary
  • Know how to vary YBell exercises to create a broad range of movements to suit all clients
  • Understand how to create YBell Pod-based programs
  • Price:
  • $199.00
  • Length:
  • 8-hours
  • CEC’s:
  • NASM 0.7, Fitness Australia 8.0
Master Course

YBell Master Trainer Course

This is an invitation level event and it is led by a YBell Master Instructor.

Upon completing the Master Trainer Course and being certified as a YBell Master Trainer, participants are then qualified to teach the YBell Coaching Course.


  • Price:
  • $599.99
  • Length:
  • 3-days: 1-day Coaching Course and 2 days of Specialized Teach Backs
  • CEC’s:
  • NASM 0.7, Fitness Australia 8.0