YBell Fitness Free Weight Collection

The 4-in-1 YBell comes in a variety of sizes to meet your fitness goals.

The YBell Arc Series are for beginners or those that prefer lighter weights.

The YBell Neo Series are the chosen solution for functional focused training and compound movements.

Our Pro Series are heavier and powder coated and are designed for more strength based exercises.

The three different series of YBells are all seen as dumbbell replacements and kettlebell substitutes. The YBell Arc Series are lightweight, neoprene coated and are a good substitute for dumbbells and for individuals who prefer training with lighter weights.


According to thousands of our customers, the YBell Neo Series are seen as the best dumbbells for HIIT and functional training. They are midweight and are also non-slip, non-rust neoprene coated. 


Our YBell Pro Series are geared more towards strength based exercises and movements and can replace your entire dumbbell weight set. They are heavier in mass and are commercial grade powder coated.