Why You Should Be Taking the YBell Online Intro Workshop

Posted by Aaron Laurence on Aug 23rd 2020

Aug 23rd, 2020

Why You Should Be Taking the YBell Online Intro Workshop

The YBell Online Intro Workshop is an entry-level course that offers an introduction to YBells, with plenty of great information, whether you’re a seasoned physical trainer, a weight training enthusiast, or a new YBell user starting down your own health and fitness journey.


We’ve adapted this online course from our in-person intro courses that have been taught in several countries. Many past participants have often stated that they left learning more than they expected to.


We’ve packed a lot of educational info into this 2-hour course, and can’t wait for you to join us!

We’ll Start With the Basics for All Users:

We’ll introduce you to both YBells, and the YBell “Pod” training system that has proven to be a great way to introduce the YBell into any training routine. You’ll learn a bit more about me, hear my story, and find out how I came up with the idea of one piece of equipment for everybody. It has been a game-changer for my personal workouts, and for the clients I train.


The variety offered when training with YBells is one of the real benefits you’ll discover. Being able to use them for any exercises that would usually rely on having dumbbells, kettlebells, double grip medicine balls, and push-up stands makes adding exercise variety into your workouts a lot easier.


The intro workshop will guide you through exactly how to use your YBells as each of the training tools mentioned above, as well as explain the sizes of each YBell. We’ll also cover why the multi-handle design is going to have a unique impact on your training due to the simple and effective transitions between training tools.


You’ll also gain insight into why we have sizes on the YBells as opposed to the actual weight. This becomes more relevant when using the same size YBells for all of your training, as opposed to a workout where you may use different sized weights or tools to hit different muscle groups.


Understanding the different grips when using YBells is one of the key elements to getting the most out of your YBells. This Intro workshop will go through each grip and ensure that you’re using your YBells safely, and also holding them in a way that alters the weight distribution to closely mimic any of the traditional training tools that you’re replacing when training with the YBells.


You’ll also be introduced to a list of what I call YBell “foundation” exercises. These will come with explanations that will help you to get your grips correct, ensuring that you achieve the proper form and movements for each exercise. From there, you’ll complete three “Pods” of different formats and gain a good insight into the style of YBell training that has been so successful for me, both in my personal training and with my outdoor groups and one-on-one clients.


Here’s What Trainers Will Gain From the Course: 

In addition to everything mentioned above, this intro course is designed to give fitness professionals a basic understanding of how to use YBells safely with your clients. It provides everything you need to know about YBells in one location, and in a step by step structure that starts with understanding the product and goes into the best ways to start using the product in your training.


We’ll also offer precise information about how to apply our training methods with your clients. We’ll teach you how the sizes, grips, and grip changes for weight distribution will benefit your clients’ training, whether you’re running groups or have one-on-one clients that are about to start using YBells. And we’ll give you insight into a tried and tested programming structure — the “Pod” format — using proven YBell exercises that would work for all fitness levels.


I’m confident that once you learn how to hold and move with a set of YBells, you’ll be able to create exciting, fast-paced workouts that will keep your clients engaged throughout their exercise session. This course is the beginning of an educational journey designed to help you succeed in your personal training, and while coaching others using YBells.


The next step in your YBell education would be the YBell Coaching Course, which will have a very strong focus on developing you as the trainer. We’ll also teach you how to better understand human movement, planes of motion, progressional programming, and much, much more.

I’m confident that once you learn how to hold and move with a set of YBells, you’ll be able to create exciting, fast-paced workouts that will keep your clients engaged throughout their exercise session.

YBells Are Simple and Effective for Every Body

Two words that I think sum up the YBell are simple and effective. They can be so effective if used in the right way, and that goes for anyone from a “new to training” level looking to get into shape, to an athlete looking for brutal high-intensity workouts. YBells are simple because they’re four pieces of equipment in one sleek design, and there’s no moving parts to deal with.


But there are still some crucial things to know about exercising with YBells that will make a world of difference. The Online Intro Workshop will teach you all of them and enhance every one of your workouts in the future.


I hope you’ll join me in the YBell Online Intro Workshop to become an expert in all things YBell.

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Aaron Laurence

Co-Founder, YBell Fitness


The development of the YBell has been a labor of love for inventor and personal trainer Aaron Laurence. Over the last 15 years Aaron has trained thousands of people on Australia’s famous Bondi Beach.