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Enjoy our YBell Neo Kit with a pair of each size of YBell Neo (XS - XL) and keep your workout space organized, safe and secure with our Vertical Storage Rack.

The YBell Combo offers a full range of weights and is a great space-saving solution for every gym, club, studio or home.

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  • HIIT

  • Functional Training

  • Strength Training

  • Yoga

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    Combo includes 2 YBell Neos of each size (XS – XL)

    Vertical Rack stores up to 10 YBell Neos or YBell Arcs of any size

    Chrome plated arms with black powder coated body

    Easy to assemble

    Intuitive, double-handled use

    Assembled dimensions 21" L x 20" W x 60" H (51cm L x 50cm W x 154cm H)

    Vertical Storage Rack is ONLY for use with YBell neoprene covered products  

    The Vertical Storage Rack CANNOT be used to store YBell Pro Series (powder coated) products

    *New Horizontal Storage Racks for use with all YBell products, including YBell Pro Series (powder coated) coming soon

How to Use For a 4-in-1 Workout

For gym or home use, our creative exercises and workouts can be accessed via the YBell Fitness app offering free exercises and over 16 weeks of customized workouts; our YouTube channel (@ybellfitness) offering structured workouts; and our Instagram (@ybellfitness) offering great user generated exercises.

The Most Versatile Weight

A grip change is an equipment change

Kettlebell — Outer Grip

Grabbing the YBell by the outer grip allows it to emulate a kettlebell. Perform swings, rack presses and squats, snatches, and other various kettlebell exercises.

Dumbbell — Center Grip

When grabbing the YBell by the Center Grip, the weight is evenly distributed allowing it to serve as a dumbbell. Perform standard dumbbell exercises such as bicep curls, overhead presses, and more.

Double Grip Medicine Ball — Under Grip & Double Grip

Utilize the multiple handles of the YBell to perform double grip med ball exercises such as goblet squats, lunge and twists, or woodchops.

Push-Up Stand — Top Grip

The YBell’s design provides for a much wider base leading to more stability when performing any ground work and allows for a greater range of motion.

Efficient, Space-Saving
Fitness Equipment

YBell Workouts

Beginner, intermediate, and advanced workouts for every stage of your fitness journey

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    YBells and Rack

    Posted by David Bitz on Nov 27th 2021

    Really like the weights. The rack is not the best design. For most exercises, the inside handle is what the individual will use. With the design of the rack, this is not possible without bumping the top of your hand on the double arm when grabbing the weight. So you need to pull the Ybell off with one of the outside handles, put it on the floor, and then readjust your grip to the inside handle. A better design would be for the weight to sit on the double-arms, and have a small side bar (on each side of each bar) so that it cannot slip off (right or left). And each double bar should be angled upward so that the individual can reach right in and grab the inside handle. The other alternative is to take each weight off the rack before a workout and set them all on the floor. Then finish your workout, and put them all back on the rack. This is okay is you have enough room to do this, and do not want to repeatedly bend down to the floor to pick up, or set down your Ybells for each exercise. The rack is sturdy, but is somewhat impratical as it is designed. I would not buy the rack again. You could purchase or design something much better and less expensive.