The YBell Compact Mat is designed to enhance your YBell workouts without taking up too much space. The Compact Mat is the perfect size for ground-based exercises, core workouts, and storing your YBells.

12" L x 28.5" W x 1/8" H
(30cm L x 72cm W x 0.4cm H)

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Maximum Purchase:
5 units

The YBell Compact Mat is designed as a complementary piece for YBell workouts. The small and efficient length allows you to maximize space in your home, gym, or group fitness class.

  • Made of durable, natural rubber with a polyester suede surface to protect your hands, knees, floors, and YBells
  • Perfect size for ground-based and core exercises or group fitness classes
  • Can be used as a storage spot for your YBells
  • Non-slip, sweat resistant, and easy to clean
  • Features Instructional Indicators that integrate with YBell Fitness pod programs to optimize your workouts
  • Can be purchased individually for home users or in bundles of 6 for trainers and gyms