This 2-hour online workshop is a compelling introduction of YBell and the basic essentials for safely using the product.

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2 hours
NASM 0.4 | ACE 0.2 | Fitness Australia 2.0

YBell Online Intro Workshop

This 2-hour online workshop provides a compelling introduction of the YBell and the basic essentials for safely using the product. 

Individuals will be able to understand YBell  movements, the various YBell grips, the purpose behind the design, and the overall benefits that come with training with this award-winning piece of equipment. 

Participants will learn how to design introductory YBell workouts with optimal efficiency by learning from the creator and founder, Aaron “Az” Laurence, as he demonstrates how the product can and should be utilized.

Participants will become familiar with a wide range of kettlebell, dumbbell, double grip medicine ball, and push-up stand movements that can all flow together for a seamless and streamlined workout. 

And individuals will see how this tool will help improve efficiencies when it comes to Pod and group training.

Course Highlights:

  • Introduction to YBells
  • The importance of grips
  • YBell intro exercises
  • Introduction to pod training

CEC’s: NASM 0.4 | ACE 0.2 | REPS 2-hrs | AUSactive 2.0

1 Review

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    Ybell online intro workshop

    Posted by Milena Hoffman on Sep 26th 2020

    This introductory course was extremely useful in explaining the foundations of this innovative piece of equipment. As a fitness instructor, I want to be able to properly explain Ybell movements, grips, purpose, design and benefits to my clients. This course has given me the tools to do this. I have been often asked why the Ybell mass is not displayed on its surface, which I wondered as well and after taking the course it makes complete sense! In addition, the course provides ideas on how to design Ybell workouts for maximum efficiency. One thing I like in particular is how the course includes many videos of Aaron Laurence, the inventor of the Ybell, cueing and performing movements with the Ybell. You learn how to adapt a wide range of kettlebell, medicine ball, dumbbell and pushup bar movements with the Ybell. You also learn movements suited best for the Ybell which would be difficult to complete with another piece of equipment. I feel more confident providing quality instruction by having the fundamental knowledge of the YBell. I highly recommend this course for trainers, fitness instructors and Ybell enthusiasts!