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Introducing the multi-award winning YBell Neo’s big brother – the YBell Pro Series. Built to last and endure the harshest conditions from the toughest users.

Weights start at 31 lb / 14 kg and span through 44 lb / 20 kg.

Pro (31 lb | 14 kg)
Pro (35 lb | 16 kg)
Pro (40 lb | 18 kg)
Pro (44 lb | 20 kg)
Pro (10 lb | 4.5 kg)
Pro (14 lb | 6 kg)
Pro (18 lb | 8 kg)
Pro (22 lb | 10 kg)
Pro (26 lb | 12 kg)
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YBells sold individually

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The YBell Pro is Great for:

  • Strength Training

  • HIIT

  • Functional Training

  • Description -+

    • Weights range of 10 lb / 4.5 kg to 44 lb / 20 kg
    • Same 4-in-1 functionality
    • Commercial grade powder coated surface
    • Premier finishing for optimal gripping
    • Comfortable, compact, and easy to use
    • Ideal solution for heavy weight-oriented users and training styles
    • YBell-specific exercises and workout routines
    • YBell Pro Series CANNOT be stored on the Vertical Storage Rack
    • New Horizontal Storage Racks now availabl

How to Use For a 4-in-1 Workout

For gym or home use, our creative exercises and workouts can be accessed via the YBell Fitness app offering free exercises and over 16 weeks of customized workouts; our YouTube channel (@ybellfitness) offering structured workouts; and our Instagram (@ybellfitness) offering great user generated exercises.

The Most Versatile Weight

The 4-in-1 YBell is seen as the best kettlebell alternative for various reasons. Instead of just having traditional powder coated kettlebells, the YBell also emulates a dumbbell, double grip medicine ball and push-up stand. With the YBell, a grip change is an equipment change. By changing your grip on the YBell, the weight distribution shifts, changing it from one piece of equipment to another.

Dumbbell — Center Grip

When grabbing the YBell by the Center Grip, the weight is evenly distributed allowing it to serve as a dumbbell. This allows the YBell to be seen as the best kettlebell alternative because you can also perform standard dumbbell exercises such as bicep curls, overhead presses, and more.

Kettlebell — Outer Grip

Grabbing the YBell by the outer grip allows it to emulate a kettlebell replacement. Because the weight distribution isn't as harsh as traditional powder coated kettlebells, the YBell is seen as kettlebell substitute. Perform swings, rack presses and squats, snatches, and other various kettlebell exercises.

Double Grip Medicine Ball — Under Grip & Double Grip

Utilize the multiple handles of the YBell to perform double grip med ball exercises such as goblet squats, lunge and twists, or woodchops.

Push-Up Stand — Top Grip

The YBell’s design provides for a much wider base when compared to other kettlebells or kettlebell replacements which leads to more stability when performing any ground work and allows for a greater range of motion.

Award-Winning Design

After reviewing thousands of different fitness products, there were only a mere handful that fell under Women's Health Magazine and Men's Health Magazine's list of best free weights to buy for home and we're happy to announce that that the YBell Neo was atop that list. According to Health & Fitness Directors for both publications, the YBell Neo's multi-grip design allowed for the utmost versatility - a crucial factor you look for when it comes to reviewing the best free weights for home use. The ability to do dumbbell, kettlebell, double grip medicine ball and push-up stand movements made the YBell Neo second to none when it comes to home gym free weight equipment.

Efficient, Space-Saving
Fitness Equipment

Maximizing the space in your home gym, club or studio is crucial, we understand that. With the YBell's 4-in-1 functionality and ergonomic design, you remove the need for multiple pieces of equipment and the space needed to store them along with it. Instead of having a pair of traditional powder coated kettlebells, dumbbells, medicine balls and push-up stands, simply purchase a pair of YBells and you get all those and more. Couple that fact with our horizontal racks, then you truly have yourself the best kettlebell alternative on the market.

YBell Workouts

Whether you're at home, in the gym or on the road, we have a vast library of exercises and workouts you can access at any time. If you're using your YBells, the best free weight set for your home gym, then you can head over to our YouTube channel (@ybellfitness) or our Instagram (@ybellfitness) for some unique and creative workouts posted by our YBell community. If you'd like a little more structure and want to follow a plan, then check out the YBell Fitness app, available for both iOS and Android. The app contains free workouts and over 16 weeks of customized workouts from our inventor and founder, Az!

Buy The Best Kettlebell Weight Set Alternative At YBell Fitness!

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  1. The versatility of having four traditional fitness tools in one
  2. The compact and ergonomic design which takes up less space
  3. The simplicity of using multiple handles to divvy up the weight for certain exercises
  4. The ability do traditional powder coated kettlebells type strength training without a traditional kettlebell weight set

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    Impressive versatility

    Posted by Gregory on May 2nd 2022

    As an avid kettlebell user who also relies on a set of adjustable dumbbells within a small space for both compound and isolation movements, I found the the YBELL Pro Series strikes an impressive balance between the two other categories of equipment. I thought the cage-like design might feel as cumbersome as my adjustable Powerblocks, but the triangular design of the YBell feel much more balanced while curling or pressing; their stand-like design and stability invites a deep push-up and is also great for renegade row movements. I still prefer using kettlebells for certain swings, but these can also be used in lieu of bells and are awesome for goblet squats because of their grip. Despite limited room, I am definitely considering buying another pair or two to complement this first set.


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